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7 Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Facebook Business Fanpage

In the article ‘Email Marketing is Dead the Statistics and Social Proof’, Facebook as a platform is growing at an incredible rate and includes a large number of your potential customers right?So, if those potential customers are able to find your business on Facebook what are they going to see? Something interesting and compelling or just a wall (or perhaps on a few) of comments…A Brief Introduction to Facebook Business Fan Page CustomizationFacebook Business Fan Page customization has been around for a while.It uses a combination of boring old HTML (the code all websites are developed in – to some extent), Cascading Style Sheets (or CSS) and something called Facebook Markup Language (FBML) which is a custom set of functions provided by Facebook themselves to allow us to make use of their unique features.You can include your own video, flash (won’t be seen on an iPad or iPhone of course), images, text etc.You can intermingle these with forms, customer comments, protected content that people have to become a fan to see, functions that allow your fans to recommend your page to their friends etc etc…You can’t use server style languages such as php or anything like that at present as these cannot run on the Facebook server.So Why Would You Consider Customizing Your Facebook Business Fan Page Then?Like anything else that they do there at the entire reason is down to marketing.Like your website, on Facebook you also need to make your business stand out from the crowd.You need to give people compelling reasons to buy your products, take your advice or at least monitor your company in case you can deliver something they might need in the future.That said, here are 7 specific reasons you might want to consider ‘pimping out’ your Facebook Business Fan Page. 1. Standing Out From The Crowd – Differentiating You BusinessYour standard business homepage is your Wall.If you are adding content on a regular basis (and your content is interesting) and you have a reasonable number of fans for your page then you will likely find that people get involved by commenting on your posts and by adding their own thoughts an opinions. This is great.But – Everyone has a wall. No matter how well you do this you are still like everyone else who has fans, an interesting product and interaction.Adding a video or maybe some images or whatever to the mix adds a differentiator for your business. 2. Bringing a Specific Offer in Front of Your Existing & Potential ClientsFrom time to time most, if not all businesses, should be promoting special offers to entice people to make a purchase decision with your business.This offer might be a price reduction, additional feature giveaway, bonus gift or whatever…..To get traction from such an offer you need to promote it in as many places as possible. Including Facebook.An colorful and informative image will get far more traction than a text comment in the comment area. 3. Video Sells – This Works for Facebook TooAs they consistently tell their clients. Video sells!Just look at the astounding growth and viewing rates on YouTube.Adding a video to your Facebook welcome page will allow clients to very quickly understand your offering.Add one and change it regularly to ‘keep it fresh’ and you will see that more people return to see what you have to say.4. It’s Easier to get Them to Click Back to Your WebsiteYou can do much more in terms of adding content and ‘selling’ on your own website as opposed to on a Facebook Business Fan page.Use an image or an offer or a visually appealing link that stands out to get them back to your website.On the welcome page, you can use use a special offer.The image placed on the Fan Page draws the attention and, when clicked, takes the potential client back to the website where you can better promote specific products. 5. You Can Use Protected Content to Encourage New FansFacebook provides them with a very useful function that can keep content protected for viewing by their fans only.This primarily relates to video content of course.Gaining more fans is a constant challenge as this increases the number of people who may become clients or may refer your business to their friends.To access your compelling ‘protected’ content random fan page visitors will have to become a fan of your business.6. You Can Engage the Marketing Strategy of Social Proof by Prompting Your Users to invite their friends to checkout your Fan PageAnother really useful Facebook fan page FBML function.Got compelling content that others will want to share with their friends on Facebook. This makes it really easy for them. 7. The Share Button Gets Your Site to a Much Wider Audience – QuicklyA share button allows a user to share something on your fanpage with their friends and to make a comment on the content for their friends to see.The power of social media is the spread of the message from a user to their friends, to their friends etc. It’s a multiplier effect….So if you have some great content or a great offer this is a brilliant way to share it with a growing number of others. Summary – Call to ActionYou cannot afford to ignore Facebook.Over half a billion people cannot be wrong and the fact is that most of these people are on Facebook as active users every day!If they do find your Fan Page then present them with something that is memorable. Something that;-Brings them back to your pageMakes them become a fanGo to your website to check your business out further, orShare with their friendsor actually (horror of horrors) – makes them buy something from you…Oh, and by the way, never ever lose the comments area on your Facebook Business Fan Page.Facebook is a platform for fans to interact with your business. It is NOT a broadcast mechanism, however, this is a topic for another blog post.